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Governance is the set of organizational arrangements ensuring the capability to identify cyber risk,  prevent cyber-attacks and detect cyber-attacks, recover after a cyber-attack.

The Governance arrangements can be described along two dimensions:

  • the five types of Cybersecurity processes, corresponding to the five NIST Functions: IDENTIFY, PROTECT, DETECT, RESPOND, RECOVER
  • the key organizational elements allowing the governance, i.e. allocation of responsibilities in the HCO structure, policies/procedures/plans, work roles.

Objectives of the topic session

  • Understanding how much the Cybersecurity processes are mature in the HCOs and which of the are felt to be the most important in the in HCOs
  • Understanding where the Cybersecurity responsibilities could fit in the HCO organization structures
  • Understanding how much the work roles required by the Cybersecurity processes are present in the HCOs and which ones are felt to be the most important in the in HCOs