Trends in Malware Attacks against United States Healthcare Organizations, 2016-2017

Abstract Introduction: The healthcare industry has begun seeing a new hazard develop against them- the threat of cyberattack.

07 August 2019

Why Employees (Still) Click on Phishing Links: An Investigation in Hospitals

Abstract - Employees are considered the weakest link in information security; their compliance with security policies has been a major area of research.

07 August 2019

Big data security and privacy in healthcare: A Review

Abstract - The ever-increasing integration of highly diverse enabled data generating technologies in medical, biomedical and healthcare fields and the growing availability of data at the central lo

07 August 2019

Cybersecurity in healthcare: A narrative review of trends, threats and ways forward

Abstract - Electronic healthcare technology is prevalent around the world and creates huge potential to improve clinical outcomes and transform care delivery.

07 August 2019

A Survey of Cyber Security Approaches for Attack Detection, Prediction, and Prevention

Abstract - The expanding threat landscape has come with a plethora of consequences for most organizations and individuals.

07 August 2019

EC launched a data sharing platform to improve diagnosis and treatment for patients with rare diseases

A new knowledge-sharing platform to support better diagnosis and treatment

The European Commission has recently launched a new online knowledge-sharing platform to help improve the diagnosis and treatment for Europe's 30 million citizens living with a rare disease.

02 April 2019