Intelligent and Dynamic Ransomware Spread Detection and Mitigation in Integrated Clinical Environments.

Abstract Medical Cyber-Physical Systems (MCPS) hold the promise of reducing human errors and optimizing healthcare by delivering new ways to monitor, diagnose and treat patients through integrated

04 February 2020

WHO guideline recommendations on digital interventions for health system strengthening

The key aim of this guideline is to present recommendations based on a critical evaluation of the evidence on emerging digital health interventions that are contributing to health system improvemen

07 August 2019

Privacy and metadata: The hidden threat to whistle-blowers in public health systems

A high quality public health system relies as much on a robust, accountable and transparent governance framework as it does on the integrity, professionalism and skill of its practitioners and admi

07 August 2019

Cybersecurity Indexes for eHealth

This study aimed to explore the cybersecurity landscape to identify cybersecurity indexes that may be relevant to the health industry.

07 August 2019

Systematic literature review and metadata analysis of ransomware attacks and detectionmechanisms

Abstract - Ransomware is advanced and upgraded malicious software which comes in the forms of Crypto or Locker, with the intention to attack and take control of basic infrastructures and computer s

07 August 2019

Big data security and privacy in healthcare: A Review

Abstract - The ever-increasing integration of highly diverse enabled data generating technologies in medical, biomedical and healthcare fields and the growing availability of data at the central lo

07 August 2019

A Survey of Cyber Security Approaches for Attack Detection, Prediction, and Prevention

Abstract - The expanding threat landscape has come with a plethora of consequences for most organizations and individuals.

07 August 2019