A people-centric approach to cybersecurity in healthcare

An integrated solution for safety at scale: people, process, technology

Panacea Toolkit

The PANACEA toolkit is a comprehensive set of tools to protect healthcare organisations from cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities in their IT systems.

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Knowledge Hub


During its funding lifecycle (Jan 2019 - Feb 2022), PANACEA has established several synergies with relevant EU-initiatives in the cybersecurity and healthcare sectors.

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Lookout watch

The Lookout watch investigates national, pan-EU and global policy measures and regulations on cybersecurity and healthcare to help stakeholders keep up to speed on relevant changes, and covers global trends in cybersecurity to increase awareness of the threats facing the healthcare sector.

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Who benefits from this?

Clinical Engineers
Cybersecurity Agencies
Data Protection Officers
eHealth EU Network
Hospital Staff Managers
Information Security Officers
Information Technology Managers
Medical Device Manufacturers
Medical staff
Public Health Authorities
Risk Managers
Software Engineers
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News & events

21 July 2022

Safeguarding our healthcare systems against cyberattacks

Healthcare digitisation comes in hand with a risk for cyberattacks. A European project developed a holistic, people-centric and organisation-oriented toolkit for cybersecurity.

31 March 2022

Webinar: Cyber fortification in healthcare against hybrid threats


It has long been predicted that wars would become hybrid, fought in multiple fronts at the same time, mixing conventional and irregular warfare with subversion, disinformation, and cyber-warfare. Following Russia’s invasion, Ukraine is facing constant cyber-attacks against its critical infrastructure. Viktor Zhora, deputy chairman of the State Service of Special Communications of Ukraine stated in early March 2022: