PANACEA Research delivers a complete cybersecurity toolkit providing a holistic approach for Health Care Institutions made up of a combination of technical (SW platforms for dynamic risk assessment, secure information sharing & security-by-design) and non-technical (procedures, governance models, people behaviour tools) elements.



The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) has published a report on the results of its survey on COVID-19 and cybersecurity with its members and wider community, spanning different groups of stakeholders.

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To help unleash the full potential of biometrics in healthcare, PANACEA is feeding related use case requirements into international standardisation with a technical report with the international standards body, ISO. The aim of this PANACEA mini workshop is build on a current set of use cases, e.g. logical authentication of medical staff in the hospital and remote access for medical practitioners and patients in tele-homecare, while giving the opportunity to:

  • Understand the advantages of biometrics for identity management in healthcare.
  • Learn about the use cases in the ISO Technical Report along with their benefits and impacts in terms of security and privacy.
  • Get a chance to give their viewpoints on current and potential use cases, helping to shape the technical report.

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PANACEA Research is committed to maintain a focused watch on the relevant news concerning the state-of-the-art of cybersecurity in the healthcare domain, the existing models and emerging technologies.

PANACEA Research Solution and Delivery Toolkits

Innovative tools for healthcare cybersecurity

PANACEA Research will deliver two toolkits for cyber security assessment and preparedness of Healthcare ICT infrastructures.
The Solution Toolkit and the Delivery Toolkit will be demonstrated in three real use case scenarios in Italy, Greece and Ireland.
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ASPR-TRACIE: Healthcare System Cybersecurity February 2021

ASPR TRACIE published its guide on Healthcare System Cybersecurity: Readiness and Response Considerations in February 2021 to help healthcare facilities, and the systems they may

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ENISA Report: Securing Cloud Services for Health

ENISA guidelines on cloud services and cybersecurity in healthcare aimed at overcoming slow adoption in the sector in the drive towards widespread digitisation. 

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