The PANACEA toolkit is a comprehensive set of the tools to protect healthcare organisations from cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities in their IT systems. Designed with a deep understanding of the dynamics in the healthcare sector, the toolkit comes complete with “instructions” on how to adopt each tool, individually or as an integrated set.

The toolkit features novel approaches to tackling cyber risks caused by hospital staff, nudging them towards more secure behaviour and highlighting the very close relationship between the professional priority of patient wellbeing and securing their data at the same time. All with easy-to-use tools and voice-less educational videos, tailored for healthcare personnel and customised to the actual context of the individual Healthcare Organisation.

Each tool (Secure Information Sharing, Security Design and Compliance Support ToolsIdentification / AuthenticationDynamic Risk Management PlatformSecure Behaviour Nudging, Resilience Governance and Training and Education for Cybersecurity) brings its own intrinsic value, covering technological solutions, people and processes. 

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/identity-management-platform Security by design and certification Secure Information Sharing Secure Bahaviour Nudging Resilience Governance Training and education for cybersecurity Dynamic risk assessment and mitigation