06 April 2020


In this fireside chat with Peter Daly, Chief Emergency Management Officer at HSE Ireland, we zoom in on the main drivers for cybersecurity in healthcare.

24 February 2020

Liam Woods is HSE National Director of the Acute Hospitals Division. The Division works closely with the Hospital Groups to deliver hospital services throughout the country.

Among the Acute Hospital Division priorities, there is the improvement of waiting times for access to care in public hospitals, ensuring that the Hospital Groups are fully operational, strenghtening the financial accountability, human resource planning and overall performance and continuing the development of the new Children's Hospital.

In this interview, released during the last PANACEA GA meeting in Dublin, last January, Director Liam Woods tells us about the major challenges faced by healthcare organisations in terms of cybersecurity and how PANACEA can help.

20 January 2020

Meet PANACEA consortium in this short video describing our projects in three words:

Ambitious, Innovative, Human-centric, but above all Challenging!

17 December 2019

A year into the PANACEA Research project, the project's partners tell us about the challenges and ambitions.

21 January 2018

PANACEAresearch delivers a complete cybersecurity toolkit providing a holistic approach for Health Care Institutions made up of a combination of technical (SW platforms for dynamic risk assessment, secure information sharing & security-by-design) and non-technical (procedures, governance models, people behaviour tools).