Thursday, 8 April, 2021
virtual event

Hospitals and healthcare organisations are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks not just as an easy target for data theft but also because of their intrinsic weaknesses in terms of IT and identity management systems. To overcome barriers to a more secure and safer environment, PANACEA is developing a human-to-machine authentication tool that increases security by resolving credential sharing issues. This frictionless and GDPR-compliant tool is based on two authentication factors: biometry (who you are) and smartphone (what you have), extensively drawing on specific requirements across the healthccare ecosystem. 

Using biometrics for identity management in healthcare has many advantages over predominant practices. Simplifying hospital management procedures such as easier recording of medical and support staff interactions with patients being just one of them. Used securely and with proper privacy protection for personal data, biometrics will play a key role in enable remote interaction with medical staff and give people secure access to their medical records. 

To help unleash the full potential of biometrics in healthcare, PANACEA is feeding related use case requirements into international standardisation with a draft technical report in progress with the international standards body, ISO. The aim of the PANACEA mini workshop on 08.04.2021, from 10:00-12:00 CEST is build on a current set of use cases, e.g. logical authentication of medical staff in the hospital and remote access for medical practitioners and patients in tele-homecare. 

The workshop targets healthcare practitioners and IT managers as well as stakeholders involved in cybersecurity and identity management

Participants will: 

  • Understand the advantages of biometrics for identity management in healthcare. 
  • Learn about the use cases in the ISO Technical Report along with their benefits and impacts in terms of security and privacy.
  • Get a chance to give their viewpoints on current and potential use cases, helping to shape the technical report.  


10:00-10:05 - Welcome and Introduction, Stephanie Parker, Trust-IT

10:05-10:10 - Purpose of the Meeting, Dr Manolis Spanakis, FORTH

10:10-10:20 - Roundtable: Positioning Biometrics in the Identity Management Landscape: Needs and Suitability, Workshop Panellists

10:20-10:35 - Overview of current ISO Technical Report, Pierre Gacon, IDEMIA

10:35-10:45 - Current Use Cases in the Technical Report, Dr Manolis Spanakis, FORTH

10:45-11:10 - Overview of current and potential new use cases. Participant polling and interactive discussions for the selection of priority use cases for the future version of the TR. 

Claude Bauzou, IDEMIA, Dr Manolis Spanakis, FORTH. Moderator: Stephanie Parker, Trust-IT

11:55-12:00 - Wrap-up and Next Steps, Pierre Gacon, IDEMIA