Thursday, 14 October, 2021

NO-FEAR is organising the webinar "Ransomware Attack on Irish Health Service", focused on sharing the experiences of the Health Service Executive (HSE), Ireland’s healthcare service, after a significant cyber incident occured on 14 May 2021. Five months since the attack the HSE is still feeling the direct and indirect effects.

In order to avoid such attack and make the hospital organisations more robust, it is crucial to adopt solutions that could effectively deal with them. One of the solutions that aims to avoid this kind of attacks and deal with the aftermath is the PANACEA toolkit. It is a comprehensive set of the tools to protect healthcare organisations from cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities in their IT systems, designed with a deep understanding of the dynamics in the healthcare sector. The integrated solution provides both technical tools and systems that help tackle cyber-attacks caused by hospital staff, encouraging them towards more secure behaviour. Hence, each tool brings a different value in diverse areas: Secure Information Sharing, Security Design and Compliance Support Tools, Identification / Authentication, Dynamic Risk Management Platform, Secure Behaviour Nudging, Resilience Governance and Training and Education for Cybersecurity

Peter Daly, HSE Chief Emergency Management Officer, is going to present the potentiality of the Panacea toolkit during the upcoming NO-FEAR even. 


Register for the event on the official NO-FEAR website and visit the PANACEA Toolkit page to learn more about this promising solution!