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The protection of the IT infrastructure underlying the HCO business processes is vital nowadays.

Attacks such as Wannacry could have been better managed with a dynamic risk management system monitoring the risk level on real time.

PANACEA aims at developing such a system, able to consider all possible attack path given by known vulnerabilities and suggest mitigation actions based on risk analysis.

In addition, the human factor will be taken into consideration: another layer of attack paths based on misbehaviour of HCO personnel or patients will be computed and considered during the risk analysis.

Objectives of the topic session

  • Understanding the need of such a system from a stakeholder perspective
  • Understanding the best scope and boundaries of such a system
  • Understanding possible scenarios where such a system could be applied
  • Understanding additional technical details and features of the system
  • Understanding the key actors for such a functionality in HCO and information system suppliers and how it might be grouped, e.g. according to level of responsibility, role, health sector context, etc.
  • Information on previous tools/knowledge/experience and any common/local policy or standards that will apply to the dynamic risk management