Background and purpose of the call

PANACEA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement no 826293.  

As part of the PANACEA project, a Security-by-Design Framework (SbDF) is being developed to overcome design limitations of Medical Devices which currently don’t specifically or poorly include security engineering aspects regarding cyber risks.

It aims at:

  • Addressing cybersecurity in the whole lifecycle of a medical device including hardware with embedded software;
  • Developing solutions addressing the need for cybersecurity certification of products/devices and services in the health and care domain;
  • Analysing standards for security-by-design covering the entire lifecycle of eHealth applications.

Open Call 

The purpose of the call is to select a company active in the field of development, construction and / or sale of Medical Devices for use in hospitals by medical staff (nurses, laboratory technicians or doctors), willing to collaborate in the development, application and validation of SbDF with the PANACEA partners that are developing it. 

Applicants are kindly requested to download the documentation as there are changes compared to the previous version