06 October 2021

The paper 'Cyberthreats to Hospitals: Panacea, a Toolkit for People-Centric Cybersecurity' has been published in the Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability. This work explains why cyberattacks may have significant effects on the provision of health services and which concrete measures can be implemented to strengthen the healthcare organisations security. The paper presents also the Panacea toolkit, designed for connected devices and people, that supports hospitals performing preparedness activities, such as, the assessment of the nature and severity of a threat, the identification of mitigation measures and adoption of mitigation strategies.


Paper overview:

  • Provides a general outlook of the reasons behind cyber attacks in hospitals;
  • Provides an overview of the PANACEA project's main objectives;
  • Provides an introduction to the PANACEA Solution Toolkit and Delivery Toolkit, putting a particular emphasis on the description of the PANACEA Dynamic Risk Management Platform (DRMP).




hospital toolkit for cybersecurity, cybersecurity, hospitals, people-centric approach


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