15 July 2021

The paper 'Promoting Cybersecurity Culture Change in Healthcare' has been recently published on the ACM Digital Library and presented by Dr. Lynne Coventry during the PETRA 2021 conference.

The paper highlights the importance of introducing a more holistic approach to cybersecurity in healthcare, encompassing technology, people and processes as well as addressing the culture change needed to facilitate more secure behaviours in workplaces. The Panacea Toolkit 'Secure Behaviour' addresses this need as it is poses attention to three main steps: 

  • Identifying and understanding risks and insecure behaviour;
  • Encouraging positive behaviour change;
  • Evaluation and reassessment.


Paper overview:

  • Provides an introduction on cyber risks attacks in hospitals and the importance of implementing security actions to prevent them.
  • Provides an overview of the relevance of implementing a holistic approach to overcome barriers to change.
  • Provides a general outlook of the Secure Behaviour Toolkit to help healthcare organisations identify problematic behaviours, co-create interventions to increase secure staff behaviour.
  • Provides reflections on main findings from in-depth interviews and workshops with staff across 3 healthcare organisations in Italy, Crete and Ireland, including key requirements for future cybersecurity interventions.





cybersecurity, healthcare, culture, behaviour change, toolkit


Read the full paper on the ACM Digital Library website!