This research paper (2017) highlights security and privacy issues related to the increasing use of data-enabled technologies in the fields of medicine, biomedicine and healthcare. 

Abstract: Huge anounts of data are being generated by both the increasing integration of data-related technologies in the fields medicine, biomedicine and healthcare and the growing availability of this data to pharmaceutical manufacturers, health insurance companies and hospitals on unprecedented scales. 

Results: While this data is being hailed as the key to improving health outcomes, gaining valuable insights and lowering costs, the security and privacy issues are so overwhelming that healthcare industry is unable to take full advantage of it with its current resources.

Conclusions: Managing and harnessing the analytical power of big data, is vital to the success of all healthcare organisations. It is in this context that this paper aims to present the state-of-the-art security and privacy issues in big data as applied to healthcare industry and discuss some available data privacy, data security, users’ accessing mechanisms and strategies.

PANACEA Research perspectives: This is a generally informative paper in the context of PANACEA as an H2020 funded research and innovation action in terms of the state of the art. 

Keywords: Big data in healthcare, privacy preservation

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