PANACEA research has been tracking the impacts of COVID-19 on cybersecurity in healthcare, such as the significant increase in cyber scams like phishing and weak links due to increased pressure in environments already under strain. 

The European Agency for cybersecurity, ENISA, has produced guidelines for healthcare organisations and other sectors as cyber risks continue to increase.

The Infographic has five major steps to take in the face of a cyber-attack aimed at mitigating impacts. 

1) Awareness: Make sure all staff members are aware of the risks.

2) Disconnect infected machines from other machines, e.g. external drives and medical devices. In the event of a cyber-attack, contact your national response team (CSIRT). 

3) Data back-up and restore to ensure business continuity.

4) Medical devices: coordinate incident response with the manufacturer and collaborate with vendors. 

5) Network segmentation to control the flow of traffic and limit how far an attack can spread. 

Lookout Watch entry date: 18/08/2020

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