PANACEA Research is investigating national and pan-EU policy and regulatory measures on cybersecurity and healthcare to help stakeholders keep up to speed on relevant changes. Existing models and emerging technologies are brought to your attention in this Lookout Watch. Please feel free to use our blog to fuel the discussion and flag relevant topics for our community of users.

Security and Resilience in eHealth Security Challenges and Risks

The scope and governance model of eHealth services may vary in the Member States (MS); it might be implemented as centralised or even decentralised and may be extended, offering cross-border servic

07 August 2019


We compare the performance of three growth models – Gompertz, Logistics, and Exponential -using security breaches data from the fifteenth annual report of the Computer Security Institute.

07 August 2019

An Investigation into Healthcare-Data Patterns

Visualising complex data facilitates a more comprehensive stage for conveying knowledge.

07 August 2019

Trends in Malware Attacks against United States Healthcare Organizations, 2016-2017

Abstract Introduction: The healthcare industry has begun seeing a new hazard develop against them- the threat of cyberattack.

07 August 2019

Cybersecurity Indexes for eHealth

This study aimed to explore the cybersecurity landscape to identify cybersecurity indexes that may be relevant to the health industry.

07 August 2019

Systematic literature review and metadata analysis of ransomware attacks and detectionmechanisms

Abstract - Ransomware is advanced and upgraded malicious software which comes in the forms of Crypto or Locker, with the intention to attack and take control of basic infrastructures and computer s

07 August 2019

2018-European Cybersecurity Research and the SerIoT Project

This paper briefly reviews some recent research in Cybersecurity in Europe funded by the European Commission in areas such as mobile telephony, networked health systems, the Internet of Things.

07 August 2019


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