ENISA: National Capabilities Assessment Framework (NCAF Tool) and eu Information Hub Framework

ENISA shines the spotlight on practical tools and a forthcoming information hub aimed at supporting improvements to national cybersecurity strategies and increasing knowledge of cybersecurity by citizens and other interested parties. 

05 January 2022

ENISA Report: Raising awareness as a key element of National Cybersecurity Strategies

ENISA helps European Member States increase awareness of cybersecurity amongst citizens in a new report with recommendations along four axes to be incorporated in national strategies. 

05 January 2022

Public and Private Healthcare Organisations: a Socio-Technical Model for Identifying Cybersecurity Aspects.

Extended research paper (submitted February 2022): Public and private healthcare organisations: a socio-technical model for identifying cybersecurity aspects, K. Anastasopoulou, P. Mari, A.

24 July 2021

Cyber-risk in healthcare: Exploring facilitators and barriers to secure behaviour

L. Coventry,D. Branley-Bell, E. Sillence, S. Magalini, P. Mari, A. Magkanaraki, K. Anastasopoulou

24 July 2021

ASPR-TRACIE: Healthcare System Cybersecurity February 2021

ASPR TRACIE published its guide on Healthcare System Cybersecurity: Readiness and Response Considerations in February 2021 to help healthcare facilities, and the systems they may

ENISA Report: Securing Cloud Services for Health

ENISA guidelines on cloud services and cybersecurity in healthcare aimed at overcoming slow adoption in the sector in the drive towards widespread digitisation. 

Threat Intelligence and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

An investigation into the adoption of the Internet of Medical Things in healthcare and associated privacy concerns and security challenges. 

Proposals for New EU Cybersecurity Strategy and Rules for Critical Infrastructures

New wide-ranging measures have been defined for the EU cyber security strategy with new rules to make critical infrastructures more secure. The overarching goal is to bolster Europe's collective resilience against cyber threats and help ensure that all citizens and businesses can fully benefit from trustworthy and reliable services and digital tools.